Sporcle Live Spotlight: Basement Burger Bar

Basement Burger Bar

Basement Burger Bar, Detroit Metro Area, Michigan

We’ve got something for you from all corners of Metro Detroit! If you’re a burger lover (meat and non-meat eaters alike), come on over to Basement Burger Bar. With locations in Greektown Detroit, Farmington, and Canton, there is a BBB right down the road from you!

“If you’ve had one burger, you’ve had them all…”


When is that last time you had mozzarella sticks on your burger? Um, probably never. Mac and cheese bites? Yeah, we didn’t think you did. Frickles? Stop trying to humor us. Get to Basement Burger Bar to experience the wonderfulness of their award-winning BYOB (Build Your Own Burger).

In the event that you’re not a burger person, no worries! Basement Burger Bar offers a TON of other options. Flatbread, pulled pork minis, quesadillas, chicken tenders, we don’t really need to go on, but trust that there’s still a lot more! They can even cater to your specific diets with all the variety they have.

With all this food talk, don’t forget about unique cocktails, craft beers, and at the Canton and Detroit locations… MILKSHAKES! Their milkshakes, like their burgers and salads, have a BYO option. Add all the yummy mix-ins including fruits, baked goods, and flavored syrups. We’re pretty sure you could even add mozzarella sticks to these too, if you ask your server nicely. Let us know how that goes. We’d try it ourselves, but you know, that’s less fun.

Special Events

There are multiple chances to play Sporcle Live Trivia at a Basement Burger Bar location –

Canton: Thursdays at 9pm & 10pm, Saturdays at 10pm & 11pm
Detroit: Tuesdays at 8pm & 9pm
Farmington: Mondays at 8pm & 9pm, Wednesdays at 8pm & 9pm

Love the Basement as much as we do, and want more?

Detroit BBB offers specials for pro sports home games.
Farmington BBB has karaoke every Thursday night from 9pm to 1am.

And for real, let us know how that mozzarella stick milkshake tastes! You know you want to try it.



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