10 Unusual Town Names in Canada

Unusual Town Names in Canada
A while back, we gave you our list of 10 Funny Town Names in the United States. We quickly realized, however, that the US isn’t the only place packed with strange and hilarious place names.

It turns out, weird town names can be found all over the world. Look no further than Canada, America’s neighbors to the North.

Here Are 10 Unusual Town Names in Canada

1. Stoner, British Columbia – With Marijuana legal across the west coast of the USA, a town named Stoner just seems fitting for a western Province like BC. While the name evokes images of college kids sitting on couches eating Taco Bell, it’s actually named after Stone Creek. So feel free to bring your kids along.

2. Nottawa, Ontario – Ottawa, Schmottawa. Have you heard of Nottawa? While this name sounds a little strange, it is actually entirely accurate. Nottawa is not Ottawa. So don’t confuse this town with Canada’s capital.

3. Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Quebec – Hey, this town name is no laughing matter! Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! is the only town in the world with two exclamation points in its name. If you’re wondering, a ha-ha is a ditch with a wall on its inner side below ground level, forming a boundary to a park or garden without interrupting the view.

4. Happy Adventure, Newfoundland – There is no consensus on how Happy Adventure got its name. Some speculate it was named after the joyful experience of the first settlers to the region. Or it could be named after a 17th-century pirate ship. Either way, doesn’t it sound like a grand old time?

5. Sober Island, Nova Scotia – Sober Island is a small community on Nova Scotia. Yeah, it sounds like a lame place, but it is actually a hub for oysters with some beautiful scenery to boot. So don’t be scared away by the name!

6. Entrance, Alberta – We can see the sign post now – Welcome, you are now entering Entrance. No, the townspeople were not trying to be overly redundant. This community was actually named for the fact the site is a gateway to Jasper National Park.

7. Fertile, Saskatchewan – With a name like Fertile, you’d expect this community in southeastern Saskatchewan to be swarming with people. It is not. With a population of about 50, give or take, Fertile is most likely named after the abundant farmland in the area.

8. Salmon Arm, British Columbia – Wait, do Salmon have arms? We didn’t think so. This name comes from the concentration of salmon that used to live in the southwest arm of the Shuswap Lake. Still, we can’t help but think of some freakish creature when we hear the name.

9. Asbestos, Quebec – We hear Asbestos is lovely this time of year. In all seriousness, this town is actually home to what was until recently, the world’s largest asbestos mine. Throughout the years, residents and politicians in the area have proposed changing the town’s name due to its negative connotations.

10. Cereal, Alberta – They can’t be cereal with this! Okay, bad puns aside, Cereal was named after a post office. I know what you’re thinking. What was that post office named after? Grain fields near the town site.

You can find many more unusual town names in Canada. Have you visited any of these places? Did we miss any good ones? If so, let us know in the comments below.