10 Facts About the White Walkers from Game of Thrones

Facts About the White Walkers from Game of Thrones
Whether you have just been sucked into Game of Thrones or are fully invested in the story, you are probably familiar with the White Walkers. These creatures, also known as the Others, were once thought of as a legend, but have returned, causing extreme havoc and destruction. Here are a few interesting facts about the White Walkers from Game of Thrones you may not know.  Caution — spoilers.

10 Facts About the White Walkers from Game of Thrones

1. The White Walker’s official language is Skroth.

Skroth is a language that sounds like the crackling of ice. No human is known to have ever spoken it and it is a language specific to these creatures.

2. White Walkers are significantly stronger than humans.

White Walkers are mostly skin and bones (and maybe ice). However, they possess more strength than humans (even the Mountain That Rides). One hit from a White Walker can incapacitate or kill a human.

3. The White Walkers CAN show emotion.

These creatures look like death and sometimes act like it as well. They rarely show any emotion except in one specific instance when Waymar Royce fights them. In both the books and the TV show, the White Walkers start to laugh at Waymar — showing a form of emotion rarely seen from these beings.

4. They are primarily male.

The White Walkers don’t require females to reproduce, and in the TV show, no female creatures have made an appearance. However, the history of the White Walkers says there was at least one female creature. The 13th commander of the Night’s Watch came across a female with bright blue eyes (a tell-tale sign of a White Walker) while ranging beyond the Wall. The Lord Commander took her back to the Wall where he proclaimed her to be his wife. Together they ruled the Night’s Watch as the Night’s King and Queen.

5. The White Walkers are thousands of years old.

These creatures are more than 8,000 years old and were originally created to protect the Children of the Forest. For years, most people believed the White Walkers were a legend and didn’t exist. However, men of the Night’s Watch encountered very real Walkers while ranging beyond of the Wall.

6. White Walkers possess magical powers.

The White Walkers can freeze any item they touch. This allows them to shatter weapons and other objects (except dragonglass). The Night King, who is the leader of the White Walkers, has powers that can change humans into White Walkers.

7. You can tell when White Walkers are approaching due to drastic drops in temperatures.

The White Walkers possess many magical powers that relate to extreme cold. Because of these powers and the cold that emanates from themselves, humans can often tell they are coming due to sudden, drastic drops in temperatures or blizzards. However, Sam Tarly wondered out loud if the cold brings the White Walkers, or if the White Walkers bring the cold.

8. Fire doesn’t affect the White Walkers.

From all that we know about these creatures, they radiate such extreme cold from their bodies that fire doesn’t affect them or destroy them. However, we are unsure if fire from dragons can kill these creatures as it is a much hotter and a more dangerous type of fire.

9. There are only two known ways to kill a White Walker.

More information may be made known at a later time, but there are only two known ways to kill a White Walker: dragonglass and Valyrian steel. We learned that dragonglass worked when Sam Tarly stabbed a White Walker in the shoulder and the creature shattered. And while Valyrian steel works extremely well, it incredibly rare and only a few known swords are found in Westeros.

10. The White Walkers may not be completely evil.

In the series, we know the White Walkers as destroying and killing everything that stands in their paths. However, many fan theories say that the White Walkers aren’t completely evil and we are in for a gigantic story plot twist. Many fans agree while others just don’t see it. What side do you believe?

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