20 Facts About the Justice League

20 Facts About the Justice League
If you’re a fan of superheros, you may have already heard of the infamous Justice League of America. Originally consisting of seven members, the Justice League is a superhero team that appears in comic books published by DC Comics, but it doesn’t stop there. Here are a few facts about the Justice League.

20 Facts About the Justice League:

1. The seven original superheroes making up the team were Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter.

2. The original Justice League was born through the creative invention of Gardner Fox.

3. Brave and Bold #28 was the name of the DC comic where Justice League made their first appearance.

4. The creation of the Justice League eventually led to the team receiving its own comic book in 1960, called Justice League of America.

5. In the first four years of establishment, the team increased by three new members: Green Arrow, the Atom and Hawkman.

6. While many know Batman today as a non-killer, he was originally a “gun-wielding vigilante” who shot, burned and kicked his enemies as necessary.

7. The purpose of the Justice League was to fight intergalactic super villains like Darkseid and Brainiac, and the original story was about core Leaguers coming together to stop an alien invasion.

8. The Fantastic Four was born after seeing the success of the Justice League and the overwhelming team support from fans.

9. Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and The Avengers were also all created in response to the success of Justice League and the Fantastic Four, as fans loved the idea of superhero groups.

10. The original Justice League of America series has won six awards, including “Best Comic Book” and “Best Adventure-Hero Group”.

11. In November 2017, the 5th Justice League film will be released, as part of the DC Extended Universe series.

12. Despite their popularity, the Justice League of America was not the first superhero team to be created.  This title goes to the Justice Society of America, founded 20 years earlier.

13. The first enemy was a giant starfish named Starro, which could control the minds of the superheroes, throwing miniature versions of himself in their face.

14. The group has a team mascot named Snapper, the honorary eighth member of the crew.  To many, he is more commonly known as the Jar Jar Binks of comics.

15. The characters eventually gave way to a kid-friendly weekend cartoon show that was called Super Friends.

16. In addition to being the character inspiration behind films, the superheroes have also starred in 3 animated series and 8 animated movies.

17. Operations for the Justice League were housed in a secret cave outside of the small town of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.  There are reports that the League has other additional secret bases as well.

18. After being cut from the League, Wonder Woman attempted to prove her worthiness to rejoin by initiating self-induced hazing rituals.

19. Aquaman dissolved the league after its members failed to defend off a Martian invasion. In re-establishing the League, he re-wrote the charter, only permitting heroes to join who agreed to devote full-time commitment to the League.

20. Hawkgirl’s real name is Shayera Hol. Before coming to Earth, she was a lieutenant and an instructor in espionage on the planet Thanagar.

Now that you’re caught up on fun facts about the Justice League, you’ll be all set for the release of the new movie!

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