16 of the Best Harry Potter Pick-Up Lines

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2019)

16 of the Best Harry Potter Pick-Up Lines
Are you looking for a Sirius relationship? When it comes to attracting the guy or girl of your dreams, sometimes you need to tap into what’s important to you to craft the perfect pick-up line. If your real passion lies in all things Potter-related, it’s time to get into character, grab your wand, and get ready to make some magic when a special someone catches your eye. These nerdy but cheeky Harry Potter pick-up lines are full of confidence and humor, and are a great way to break the ice, have some fun, and try your hand at getting lucky – Hogwarts-style. While you wait for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to get released, hit the bar and break out a couple of these great Harry Potter pick-up lines. They’re sure to work at a Harry Potter themed trivia night.

Harry Potter Pick-Up Lines

1. “Is someone sitting here? Mind if I Slytherin?”

This punny pick-up line separates the magic fans from the muggles, so if someone falls for this line, it must be a true match.

2. “Is your name Felix Felicis? Because you’re about to get lucky!”

Confidence is key with this bold line that lets the object of your affection know that you mean business.

3. “Are you sure you’re a muggle? Because you look magical.”

Everyone loves a compliment and this sweet line works on either guys or girls. Tuck this gem into the pocket of your robe and bring it out next time you see a Hogwarts’-style hottie.

4. “Are you a Snitch? Because you’re the finest catch here.”

A smooth one-liner for the Harry Potter fan who also appreciates sports and clever word play. It can’t go wrong.

5. “You must be a Nimbus 2000 because you’re sweeping me off my feet.”

Don’t be afraid to get a little cheesy and show you’re a-dork-able side to a total babe who is worthy of this cute line.

6. “When I look into the Mirror of Erised, I see you giving me your number.”

This mirror reflects the deepest desires of those who look at it, so of course those amazing digits would have to be in there.

7. “You must be a Quidditch player because I know a keeper when I see one.”

Show off your tender side with this slightly-sappy but effective line that makes the recipient feel as special as the Chosen One.

8. “You’re so charming you should be teaching Professor Flitwick’s class.”

Show your object of desire that you’d like to take a spin around the Hogwarts’ halls with them with this scholarly but sweet Harry Potter pick-up line.

9. “The sorting hat is never wrong – I belong in your house.”

In other words: let’s get out of here. This bold line holds the door wide open for a night at your place if your Potter-game is strong.

10. “Are you a Dementor? You just took my breath away.”

Flatter him or her with a cute compliment that leaves no question how hot you think they are.

11. “Are we in the Room of Requirements? Because I require you.”

Hone in on the hottest guy or girl in the room with this confident line that just might help you get lucky if you give it a try.

12. “Can I Weasley my way into your heart?”

Let that crush of yours know exactly how you feel about that. There’s definitely no beating around the bush with this line.

13. “Did you just use the stupify charm or are you a natural stunner?”

Deliver this sweet little compliment to that person you are eyeing, and you might just leave them blushing.

14. “I might as well be under the Imperius curse, because I’d do anything for you.”

Show that special someone that you are fully committed to them with this bold line.

15. “Is this the Hogwarts Express? Because it feels like you and I are headed somewhere magical.”

After sparking up conversation with that Dumbledork at the bar, let them know you’re ready to take that next step with this great pick-up line.

16. “Are you a basilisk? Because when I caught sight of you, I froze.”

Sometimes, it takes true courage to strike up conversation with someone you are interested in. But if Harry Potter can face a basilisk, you should have no issues talking to that boy or girl you’re eyeing.

To really get the tone right, make sure you are up on your Harry Potter quotes, watch this video for practice:

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