10 Most Memorable Tom Hanks Movies

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2018)

10 Most Memorable Tom Hanks Movies
Tom Hanks is one of the most well-known and loved actors in Hollywood. His resume is impressive, and it’s hard to pick a favorite among his many iconic films. Fortunately, we have statistics to help determine what fans consider to be his most memorable movies. The Sporcle quiz, Tom Hanks Movies, has been played over 240,000 times. Using the results of the quiz, we’ve compiled a list of the most memorable Tom Hanks movies of all time. Next to each film title, you will find the percentage of users who are able to remember the film based on data from the quiz.

10 Most Memorable Tom Hanks Movies

1. Forrest Gump – 86%

Sporclers have no trouble remembering this Tom Hanks classic. I mean, who could forget famous quotes like “Run, Forrest, run!” and “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates.” Tom Hanks’ portrayal of the sweet, lovable, and somewhat slow-witted character of Forrest Gump has undoubtedly stayed in everyone’s hearts since the movie was released back in 1994.

2. Big – 83%

One of Hanks’ earliest hits, Big is a comedy that has been ranked as one of the funniest and greatest movies of all time. Hanks plays a 12-year-old boy inside of an adult body, after he wishes to be “big”. The big piano scene in the toy store is unforgettable, as is the film.

3. Cast Away – 80%

Another of Tom Hanks’ most memorable roles was in Cast Away, where FedEx employee Chuck Noland finds himself stranded on a deserted island after his plane crashes. Over the course of four years, Hanks’ character does what he can to survive, including befriending a volleyball he aptly names Wilson. Acting in a movie where your opposing lead is a piece of sports equipment is undoubtedly a tough role, and Hanks killed it.

4. Toy Story & Toy Story 2 – 77% & 75%

There is probably no other cartoon movie franchise that is as well-known as Toy Story. With three high-grossing films, Hanks’ character of Woody has become well-loved by kids and adults alike. Fans praise the franchise’s dazzling cinematic visuals, and great story lines. A fourth Toy Story film is slated to be released in 2019, which will continue to take this franchise “to infinity, and beyond!”

5. Saving Private Ryan – 70%

From comedies to prison dramas to films that depict war, Hanks has done it all. Saving Private Ryan isn’t your typical WWII film, but Hanks’ portrayal of Captain John H. Miller is spot on, as he shuffles from commanding leader to caring human being. In the search for a private whose three brothers have already been killed in the war, Hanks leads his battalion to find Private Ryan and bring him home to his mother.

6. Philadelphia – 68%

A 1993 drama film, Philadelphia explored topics that were then taboo in the mainstream media, including homosexuality and HIV/AIDS. He won an Academy Award for Best Actor in his portrayal of Andrew Beckett, a homosexual who is infected with the AIDS virus, who is subsequently fired from his job at a corporate law firm, because of his diagnosis. The movie details his fight against the system, and was based on a true story.

7. Sleepless in Seattle – 63%

Another genre that Hanks excels in is romantic-comedy, and the 1993 film Sleepless in Seattle is one of Hanks’ best roles as he plays a struggling widower who then finds love. Hanks won a Best Actor Golden Globe for this one, and the movie won many other awards. Critics also praised the onscreen chemistry between Hanks and his co-star Meg Ryan.

8. You’ve Got Mail – 62%

Speaking of Hanks and Ryan, the duo found success once again with the 1998 romantic-comedy, You’ve Got Mail. The film is about two people in an online romance who are unaware that they are also business rivals. Though it received mixed reviews from critics, the overwhelming consensus was that Hanks’ and Ryan’s lovable characters carried the film.

9. The Da Vinci Code – 61%

Based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel of the same name, The Da Vinci Code is a 2006 mystery thriller directed by Ron Howard. Tom Hanks plays Robert Langdon, a professor who attempts to unravel an ancient code and uncover one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Both the film and book were controversial at the time, perhaps partly why the movie is so memorable.

10. Sully – 60%

Sully is a 2016 American biographical drama film directed by Clint Eastwood. Hanks plays Chesley Sullenberger, a real-life pilot. The film follows his emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in 2009, in which all 155 passengers and crew survived with only minor injuries, and the subsequent publicity and investigation that followed.

How many Tom Hanks movies can you remember? Test your knowledge below – you should at least be able to get the 10 most memorable Tom Hanks movies.