10 Easy Pun Costumes for Halloween

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2018)

Pun Costumes
When’s the last time you laughed out loud at someone’s witch costume or just had to take a photo of someone in a skeleton suit? Probably never. When it comes to the best Halloween costumes, it’s time to forget the French maid, black cat, or cowboy costume, and get a little more creative with what you dress up in this year.

When you choose a pun-inspired Halloween costume, you’ll easily become the center of attention at this year’s Halloween party. Halloween is a time to have some fun, and these 10 pun costumes for individuals, groups, or couples, will let you do just that.

Pun Costumes for Yourself

Stand alone in a hilarious, punny costume that lands you on this year’s best-costume list.

Cereal Killer

What’s Halloween without a little blood and gore? Cut out and collect cereal box labels, which you’ll attach to an old t-shirt and pair of jeans. Next, splatter your outfit with fake blood and carry a fake butcher’s knife as a finishing touch to this gruesome and hilarious costume.

Sugar Mama/Sugar Daddy

This last-minute costume is easy to throw together and is appropriate for any crowd. Strap on a baby carrier and load it with a big bag of sugar from your local grocery store, and then show everyone your sweet and sassy side.

Pig in a Blanket

Calling all procrastinators! If you’ve left your costume to the last minute this is a quick, easy, and cute option. Don a pink pig snout and ears and wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket for a cool costume.

Killer Bee

Anyone can dress up in a bumble bee costume for Halloween – been there, done that. What takes it to the next level is fake blood, and lots of it. Bloody yourself up and carry a fake butcher’s knife to let everyone know to not mess with you.

Pot Head

One of the easiest costumes out there, this easy and funny costume will have everyone chuckling when they see you. Wear your normal clothes and attach a flower pot to your head – easy, funny, you’re welcome!

Pun Costumes for You and Your Friends

Dressing up with your crew is even more fun when you wear pun costumes as a group.

Spice Girls

Ladies, grab your best girlfriends and start by choosing a herb or spice for each member of your crew, such as basil, oregano, cinnamon, or rosemary. If you’re crafty you can create giant spice jars for each person to wear, or for a simpler version, decorate a plain white t-shirt with the name of your spice and coordinate the look with matching skirts and heels.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Perfect for both men and women, this easy costume requires you to channel your inner athlete. Grab basketball jerseys, shorts, sneakers, and add some baller accessories like a sweatband for your head. Once you’ve nailed the dunkin’ part of your look, simply blow up an inflatable donut pool toy and wear it around your waist for the night.

French Kiss

Rock lovers will appreciate this funny and easy group costume. Start with a classic French look with a black and white horizontal striped shirt and a black beret. Then get out your face paints and recreate the wild face makeup of the band KISS, and voila! – instant laughs.

Pun Costumes for You and Your Significant Other

What could be cuter than pun costumes for couple’s on Halloween? Have fun with one of these ideas.

Mail-Order Bride

Men – dress the part of a postal worker, with a simple short sleeved button-up shirt and black shorts or pants. Create a postal service badge and carry a messenger bag stocked full of envelopes. Ladies – put on that old wedding dress that has been sitting in the closest, or hit up a thrift store to get the bride look that completes this cheeky costume.

50 Shades of Grey

This hilarious costume is easy to put together by wearing whatever grey clothing you have in your closet – pants, shirts, sweaters, t-shirts – anything as long as it’s grey. Hit up the paint store for color swatch cards that you can glue together to make a necktie for him and a belt for her to make sure you have as many shades as possible.

Cast lame outfits aside and step up your costume game with one of these pun costumes for Halloween, or use these ideas as inspiration for your own funny costume that will keep the laughs coming all night long.