The 10 Best Harry Potter Trivia Team Names

Harry Potter Trivia Team Names
Any good Sporcler knows how important it is to have the perfect team name prepared for when trivia night rolls around. It’s not only an opportunity for you to demonstrate your wit before the game even starts, but also a way to separate yourself from the competition and even impress the judges a little bit. It’s even more important if you are playing trivia at a Harry Potter themed trivia night.

It can be hard to come up with a name, but there are some people who just have knack for it. And one place these people usually find inspiration is in J.K. Rowling’s seminal work, “Harry Potter.” Everyone likes a good pun, but a wizard pun is that much more satisfying, which is why it’s important that we all take the time to honor some of the best Harry Potter trivia team names that have ever been created.

1. The Quizengamot

In the books, the Wizengamot is the ancient body of law and order that presided before the Ministry of Magic ever existed. It dates back to medieval times when the members would adorn plum-colored robes with a silver “W” embroidered on the back. If you’re looking to be the experts in your field, and even get a sweet costume out of it it, this could be the team name for you.

2. Dumbledorks

Let’s face it, many Harry Potter lovers are a bit dorky. Sure, they rock it out in style, but much like Trekkies and Star Wars fans, there’s a bit of nerdiness involved, which is why this is one of the most popular Harry Potter trivia team names. It demonstrates a vast knowledge of a particular topic and makes reference to Dumbledore, who is one of the coolest, most wise characters in the entire Harry Potter franchise.

3. 99 Problems But a Snitch Ain’t One

You probably wouldn’t catch Jay-Z at a midnight release of a Harry Potter novel, but much like the famous rapper, Mr. Potter has some problems of his own. One of which is the infamous Snitch who he spends a lot of the books chasing on a broomstick. This team name has that sense of danger that surrounds it and always makes for a great choice for Sporclers everywhere.

4. The Remembralls

There’s nothing worse than letting loose a brain fart in the heat of a trivia battle. It’s every trivia fan’s worst nightmare. But, those who go by the Remembralls have the gift of stellar memories and the little glass ball from the books that glows red when the holder is forgetting something. Just make sure you don’t forget to bring this trinket with you come trivia night…

5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Beer

Peanut butter is to jelly as alcohol is to trivia. They simply just go together, and with a bar tab usually at stake, alcohol can definitely make the night’s festivities that much more exciting. Whatever you do though, don’t overdo it. Otherwise your team may be sending some bludgers your way.

6. It’s Levi-ooh-sa, not Levio-sah.

Hermione is kind of like the Spock of the Harry Potter saga. She’s very smart, incredibly logical, and one to never let her emotions get the best of her. Sure, she has her fair share of melodrama later on in the story, but she’s often the guiding light leading Harry and Ron through their many adventures. And you will do the same for your team upon adopting this particular Harry Potter pub trivia team name for your motley crew of quizzers.

7. In-quiz-itorial Squad

The Inquisitorial Squad from the books was comprised of students hand-picked by Professor Umbridge to keep their fellow peers in line. Unfortunately, these selected few were all from House Slytherin and abused the power bestowed upon them to torment others. If you and your team want to be the bad boys and girls of trivia night, this name will do just fine.

8. You’re a Quizzard, Harry

Hagrid is capable of so much in the books. However, one thing he is unable to do is produce a Patronus like many of the other characters. Rowling herself cited several different reasons for this, but one of the most widely accepted is that it’s simply too difficult of a spell for him to do. Having been expelled from Hogwarts, Hagrid devoted his life to other fringe talents including the wrangling of beasts. And if your team is one that may not have all the answers, but knows the ins and outs of a few different categories, claiming this name will give you the power to succeed.

9. Snapes on a Plane

Professor Snape is one of the most afflicted, complicated characters in all of Harry Potter history. However, you do have to wonder how much his story would have changed had he been a bit more like Samuel L. Jackson. He maybe would have cracked a few more skulls instead of lurking in the shadows. Either way, his intelligence in conjunction with Jackson’s bravado would make for one of the best quiz team members you could ever imagine.

10. Hogwarts School of Quizardry

Sometimes you just have to own the fact that you’re the leading authority on all things quiz related. You have the knowledge, you have the power, and you have a team alongside you that can take down Voldemort himself. This team name demands respect and that’s why it’s one of the most popular in the quiz world. After all, Potter himself is truly one of a kind, and your team is no different.

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Are there any good Harry Potter trivia team names that didn’t make the list? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.