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(Last Updated On: August 17, 2018)

This week on Sporcle

The crack engineering team at Sporcle is always hard at work. Sometimes we are so busy getting bug fixes, features, and improvements out that we don’t do such a great job of letting people know about them. We want to try and fix that, so welcome to New This Week on Sporcle!

Online vs Offline

Sporcle just rolled out a small update to our profile pages. We now have an indicator that displays a user’s online status. Don’t worry, if you don’t want this information public, you can update your settings. Moreoever, if you had previously unchecked the option – ‘Allow anyone to see my game play stats’ – we have set your online status to ‘Allow no one to see my online status’.

Why this new feature? In addition to it being a much requested feature, it is part of laying the groundwork for some other exciting community features we have coming later this year.

Badge Tag Filtering

Speaking of profiles, on the profile badge page we have filter options for Challenges, Holiday, New Releases and Almost There. We just added one more for Tags. Badge fanatics – go get those Tag Badges. GO GET ‘EM!

Update to Embed

Do you run a blog or a website? Did you know that you can embed tons of Sporcle quizzes for free? We just released new sizes for the embed code as well as a custom width option in case you needed something a little more…well…custom.

More Bookmarks

A while back we introduced bookmarks. This allowed users to track quizzes or badges for later use. Due to popular demand, we have expanded bookmarks to include group discussions as well as playlists.

Coming Soon

If you have watched Matt and Derek’s Quiz Lab or found our hints and teases on Groups, you know that a revamped Search is coming. We are deep in testing and should have this out soon.



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