New Badges: Mapptitude, Speaking the Same Language, and In Your Element

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2017)


There are no element puns in this badge post–one more and the coppers would be after us.

Mapptitude: Just promise us that if you don’t have an aptitude for latitude you won’t give us attitude. Ineptitude for longitude is no excuse for acting rude. Get 5 Map-type quizzes published to earn this badge.

defaultSpeaking the Same Language: Despite the name of this badge, the countries in this quiz are quite distinctly not speaking the same language. Get 50% or better on English, Spanish, French, and Arabic Speaking Countries for this one.

In Your Element: We’d put a bad element pun here, but that’s too predictable. We prefer to maintain the element of surprise. Play 118 Element quizzes to earn this one.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

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