New Badges: Jailhouse Rock, The Fall of Sporcle, and Editor’s Edition


A little less conversation, a little more badge earning please.

Jailhouse Rock: This one’s straight from The King himself. Hope that doesn’t get you All Shook Up.  Get 50% or better on Elvis #1s, Elvis Movies, and Profile: Elvis Presley to earn this badge.

defaultThe Fall of Sporcle: If money really did grow on trees, fall would be the best season ever. Get 75% or more on 75 quizzes of each game type between Sept 22-Dec 21 for this one.

Editor’s Edition: If you thought Curators had a huge job, meet the Editors with entire categories to their name. Play an unpublished Editor Picked quiz for 14 days in a row to earn this one.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.