Top Comments of the Week (08/11)

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2017)

From Dad Jokes to puns and all in between, Sporclers know how to make us laugh. Here are the…

Top Comments of the Week

1. Quiz: Celebrities Venn Diagram
From Sporcle user blumen1: “Will Ferrell is a singer, some people have described his voice as a combination of Fergie and Jesus.”

2. Quiz: Movies by Color Barcode
From Sporcle user jessetheseal: “Got Bladerunner and Finding Nemo flipped. Pretty sure that is the only time someone has ever confused those two movies…”

3. Quiz: Sonic’s or Mario’s Enemy?
From Sporcle user christopherjulia: “Koopa troopa, lights are gonna find me... is NOT how that ABBA song goes. Great quiz!”

4. Quiz: Click the Musical Instruments
From Sporcle user kagomeshuko: “There’s too much sax and violins in this quiz!”

5. Quiz: Begins and Ends: US Cities
From Sporcle user wingspin: “I got Butte in my head and never got Boise.”

dhkendall: “@wingspin: So, you couldn’t get your head out of your Butte?
I’ll see myself out.


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