Top Comments of the Week (08/04)

From Dad Jokes to puns and all in between, Sporclers know how to make us laugh. Here are the…

Top Comments of the Week

1. Quiz: Company Mascot Blitz
From Sporcle user slimcourage901: “Jake from State Farm? She sounds hideous!”

2. Quiz: 6-Letter Asian Country Blitz
From Sporcle user oli_by: “Japan? No… Syria? No… Nepal? No… China? No… **screw it, I’m going to play the 5-Letter Asian Country Blitz

3. Quiz: Click the Color in the Movie Quotes
From Sporcle user Q_Pheevr: “Oh, yes. That’s what they used to call me—Gandalf the Beige.”

4. Quiz: National Lasagna Day Fun
From Sporcle user alephnulljoe: “I am a Pastafarian so this is actually a religious thing for me.”

5. Quiz: Real Vacation Complaints
From Sporcle user hi-jessie: “Disappointing. When you told me I had to take a quiz, I thought you would tell me the answers. Had a bad time.”