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(Last Updated On: July 11, 2017)


Curators are the Key to making a good quiz–if you think of anything better, let Minho.

When it comes to Sporcle, curators truly do know best. In this blog series, some of the great curators of Sporcle share their expert opinions on curating, top-notch quizzes, up-and-coming Sporclers, and a wee bit of trivia.

This week we feature Numbuh9494, curator for the Kpop subcategory.

How did you first get involved with Sporcle?
I think I probably started playing Sporcle quizzes sometime around 2009 or 2010, though I didn’t make an account until later in 2012. I’ve always loved testing my own knowledge and when I found Sporcle I really thought it was miles ahead of any other quiz site out there. Honestly, I probably made my account in order to follow a good friend of mine, Maphead.

Why did you decide to be a curator for your subcategory?
When I was initially getting back into kpop after a long hiatus from enjoying it in high school, my first thought was to find some fun quizzes to play in order for me to kind of brush up on my knowledge of it. I went straight to Sporcle and thought that the kpop subcategory wasn’t really at its full potential, and I decided I wanted to help. I sent in a feedback form and was given the option to apply, and a few months later, to my utmost surprise, I was in!

What’s your favorite trivia fact having to do with your subcategory?
There are so many fun facts about kpop that I would love to share with the world, but one of my top favorites is about Key, my favorite member of SHINee. One of his fans once used to regularly self-harm, but he actually commented on one of her photos – in English, which isn’t his first language – and told her to stay strong and work past her self-harm. He mentioned his own struggles with self-destructive habits, and several years later that fan has stopped self-harming and has posted several thank you messages to Key. Note also that Key went against his entertainment company to do this, as idols are supposed to keep a “picture-perfect” image – he was even made to delete the comment later. But despite any consequences he might’ve incurred for doing so, Key helped a fan who needed his help.

What are some of your favorite published quizzes from your subcategory?
Kpop has only had five quizzes published total, and only four of those have been completely about kpop. Out of the five, my favorite published quiz has to be Odd Song Out: Kpop! It encompasses a lot of both new and old kpop groups and songs, for both boy and girl groups. It’s multiple choice so anyone can give it a shot!

What are some of your favorite contributed quizzes from your subcategory?
There are so many quizzes that I just love in the kpop category since so many of them are very unique and well-made. Some of my top favorite quizzes are Kpop Song By Outfit, Guess the Kpop Song 2008-2013 (Male Ver.), Name the SHINee Songs from Their First Five Seconds, and SMTown Murder Mystery Logic Quiz.

What are your favorite quizzes from an entirely different category?
My favorite categories to play are actually completely outside of the music category altogether! I love movies and literature, so some of my personal favorites are Lord of the Rings Limericks, Butterman’s Questions to Sgt. Angel in Hot Fuzz, and Fall Out Boy Song or David Sedaris Essay.

Which Sporcle Group do you frequent most often?
I actually don’t look at most of the groups much, but if I do I’ll generally look at what people talking about in the Movies, Music, and TV category!

How can Sporclers in your subcategory best contact you?
Definitely through our awesome private messaging system! I used to have an email up until the system came into play but I rarely, if ever, got messaged there. Now that people are using private messages I’ve found that it’s a much easier and more accessible way to contact users — I love it!

Are there any Sporclers whose quizzes you think merit more attention than they get?
Honestly, any kpop quizmakers who are making really fun, innovative, and creative quizzes for the subcategory. Some right off the top of my head are Desidea, sbroches, Collyrae, jennpeter14, natkin94, and Jaffacakeman.

Haiku or favorite Dad Joke (or both):
A haiku about kpop, since I’m single-minded like that:
What did I just watch?
Oh, no, now I’m humming it
No turning back now

And a dad joke about science, since I just graduated with a major in Biochemistry:
Q: What do you do with a dead chemist?
A: Barium!

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