Top Political Themed Trivia Team Names

Political Trivia Team Names

The top political trivia team names from Sporcle Live’s pub trivia.

All the political turmoil in the world getting you down? We have the solution. Take that political strife and cram it into a trivia team name and chase it down with your favorite beverage. We scoured the most submitted bar trivia team names from Sporcle Live’s Pub Trivia Champions League that have a slight political slant. Warning: team names are not always kid friendly.

Remember, we can’t underscore the importance of having a good trivia team name. The right team name might just be the difference between victory and open disdain on your trivia night. Choose wisely.

Donald J. Trump

The former Apprentice star is certainly a popular option when it comes to naming your team. We had dozens of political trivia team names to choose from, but below are the top five.

  • If Trump Wins There Will Be Hell Toupé
  • Donald Trump’s Combover
  • Donald Trump for President…of China
  • Donald Trump’s Hair Force One
  • Donald Trump’s Tiny Hands

Barack Obama

Not far behind the current president, former president Obama is a rock solid choice when it comes to naming a team. This may die down in the coming years, but at this point in time, the 44th president is still a highlight in the bar trivia team name world.

  • Barack Obama Zombie Hunter
  • Obama’s Stimulus Package
  • Barack Paper Scissors
  • Obama’s Mamma’s Llamas
  • #ThanksObama

Other Political Figures and Events

You don’t have to be a president to grace the names of your local trivia night. Below are a few highlights of other political figures who (with some creativity) make a nice political trivia team name.

  • Pence on the Fence – for the Dr. Seuss trivia team name
  • James Comey is my Homie – if you are looking for some street cred in your local tavern
  • Rootin’ Tootin’ Raspberry Putins – in case Yosemite Sam comes to play trivia
  • #FreeMelania – for the crusader who also needs to get in a trivia fix
  • Sean Spicer’s Alternative Facts – which coincidentally is also a common pub trivia answer
  • Team Covfefe – no doubt this team name will endure for generations to come