Play Sporcle with Your Amazon Echo

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2017)

best alexa skills for trivia

“Alexa, Play SPORCLE”

Introducing the Sporcle skill for your Amazon Echo.

Test your trivia knowledge with thousands of questions across hundreds of categories from Sporcle, the #1 trivia site on the internet. Why enable other Alexa skills for Seinfeld, ‘80s movies, or Harry Potter when the Sporcle skill can handle all your trivia needs? We add new questions weekly so you can play Sporcle for hours at a time. Don’t you deserve only the best in Alexa skills for trivia?

The Sporcle skill is easy to use and offers you a choice of categories to get going. If you want a new set of categories, just say ‘New Category’ or you can even choose a specific category (see the list below).

OK, but tell me again, what is an Amazon Echo?

In case you have been living in the cave for the last year, Amazon’s Alexa is the voice-controlled digital assistant that powers the Amazon Echo and other related Echo devices. What makes this handy smart home novelty even more robust is that you can enable extra features and games to your Amazon Echo by enabling ‘Alexa Skills’. Skills are little Amazon apps that expand the power of Alexa and perform certain tasks.

Sounds life changing, how do I get started?

  1. You need an Echo device from Amazon to play. You can buy one from Amazon if you don’t already have one.
  2. Once you have an Echo, just open the Alexa companion app that is used to set up the Echo device. Click on Skills and search for “Sporcle”.
  3. Enable the Sporcle skill – don’t worry, it’s free.
  4. Say to the device “Alexa, Play Sporcle!”.
  5. Repeat daily.

NOTE: If you have feedback, questions, or issues please email us at We’d love to hear what you think of the Sporcle skill.

Here is the complete list of Sporcle categories for the Amazon Echo:

Business Spices Children’s Literature Pop Music
Entertainment Board Games Classic Novels Rap Music
Food and Drink Casino Games Fiction Rock Music
Gaming Games General Harry Potter Singers
Television Toys Lord of the Rings Government
Sports Video Games Non-Fiction Presidents
Science Animals Plays Anatomy
Literature Astrology Poetry Biology
Movies College Shakespeare Chemistry
Music Fashion 2000s Movies Geology
General Knowledge Instruments 1960s Movies Insects
Geography Mythology 1970s Movies Math
History Newspapers 1980s Movies Nature
Language Organizations 1990s Movies Periodic Table
Advertising Philosophy Action Movies Physics
Brands Phobias Animated Movies Psychology
Companies Religion Awards Scientists
Entrepreneurs Holiday Comedy Movies Space
Logos Cities Horror Movies Weather
Money Countries Movie Actors Weights and Measures
Products Flags Movie Actresses Auto Racing
Slogans Landmarks Movie Quotes Baseball
Stocks Populations Drama Movies Basketball
Technology US Capital Cities Romantic Movies Football
Art US Geography Science Fiction Movies Golf
Cartoons World Capital Cities Star Wars Hockey
Celebrities World Geography 2000s Music Olympics
Celebrity Couples Ancient History 1960s Music Soccer
Comic Strips Historical Events 1970s Music Tennis
Comics Historical Figures 1980s Music WWE
Disney Military 1990s Music 2000s Television
Magazines Modern History Albums 1960s Television
Models Royalty Band Members 1970s Television
Musicals US History Classic Rock 1980s Television
Stage Names Wars Classical Music 1990s Television
Alcohol Weapons Country Music TV Settings
Culinary World History Electronic Music Characters
Drinks World Leaders Grammys Game Shows
Food Grammar Lyrics Reality TV
Fruits and Vegetables Words Metal TV Stars
Snacks Authors Music Videos TV Theme Songs



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