Curator’s Corner: What to do When You Have to be Away?

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2017)

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You love Sporcling, you love curating, but you’ve decided to unplug, unwind, and hit a two week backpacking trail in the Rockies. You hate to leave your curating behind, but the mountains are calling, and you have to go. So, what should you do?

First off, we understand that you are volunteering your time to curate, and we are unbelievably grateful for all of the time and energy you dedicate to curating. We want you to have as much fun curating as possible, and we never want you to feel like curating is a burden or an obligation.

We want you to have fun, but we also rely on you to keep up with your subcategory. So, what do you do when you leave?

How long will you be away?

In general, we expect curators to make picks at least once every week or two. If you’re only leaving for a one or two weeks, then you don’t really need to let us know. You can make a pick right before you leave, and then make one when you get back, and we won’t even know the difference. If you’re leaving for 3 weeks or longer though, then you’ll probably want to tell us.

Why letting us know is important

If you have to leave and we don’t know about it, it will disrupt the flow of picks for your subcategory. Beyond that, if you leave for an extended period of time, we might assume that you are no longer interested in curating, and it’s possible we may assign your subcategory to someone else. If you decide to go on a month long trip and let us know about it, we’ll be sure not to reassign your subcategory.

How to tell us

If you’re leaving, you can send a message to Mark (mvheald) through Sporcle Messages. Or, if you’d rather, you can email Mark directly at If for some reason Mark is out of the office, you can email Marie at

In addition to letting the Sporcle staff know, you can join us on Sporcle Groups. It might be helpful to post in groups about any prolonged absences in the relevant subcategory group (i.e. the country curator can post in Geography Talk). This is especially important if you curate a subcategory that is very active. Sometimes users become concerned if there hasn’t been a pick in a particular subcategory for a while, so keeping them in the know can be a nice way to keep them engaged.

The lowdown

If you’ll be away for more than two weeks, please message or email Mark. If you are unable to get a hold of Mark, you can send a message to Marie. Also, if you are so inclined, you can post your upcoming absence in the appropriate Sprorcle Group.

In the next addition of Curator’s Corner, we’re going to talk all about tags!




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