Curator Knows Best: Caltac


Very clever, Caltacses… Very clever.

When it comes to Sporcle, curators truly do know best. In this blog series, some of the great curators of Sporcle share their expert opinions on curating, top-notch quizzes, up-and-coming Sporclers, and a wee bit of trivia.

This week we feature Caltac, curator for the Lord of the Rings subcategory.

How did you first get involved with Sporcle?
I’d been watching a weekly trivia show on television for a while, but the representation of my favorite category, movies, was rather lacking so I started searching for more movie trivia online. I don’t remember the specifics, but I must’ve stumbled upon a link to Sporcle at one point and liked it to enough to still be here 5 years later.

Why did you decide to be a curator for your subcategory?
I was already a big Lord of the Rings fan before I joined Sporcle, and playing all of those LotR quizzes only increased my love for it, as well as showed me there was a lot more to discover about Middle-earth. It encouraged me to re-read LotR and The Hobbit in English (having only read them in my native language) as well as reading the Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales, which has been an enriching experience.

When I noticed mic747 had stepped down as curator, I wanted to apply, but due to still being relatively new to Sporcle at the time I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the extra responsibilities. I was still debating with myself on what to do when bhenderson79 filled the position. Disappointed with myself for not taking the plunge, I swore I wouldn’t make the same mistake if the position ever opened again.

In the end, I never did get to send in that application. With his ‘promotion’ to Editor, bhenderson79 was stepping down as LotR curator, and reached out to me asking if I wanted to pick up the curatorship. I think it’s clear what answer I gave him.

What’s your favorite trivia fact having to do with your subcategory?
A lot of people probably aren’t aware of just how much of an age difference there is between the characters in The Lord of the Rings. A small comparison: Frodo Baggins is 51 years old, making him older than characters such as Boromir (41), Samwise Gamgee (39), Peregrin Took (29) and Éowyn (24). He is, however, young compared to characters such as Aragorn (89), Gimli (140), Gollum (589) and Elrond (6518).

What are some of your favorite published quizzes from your subcategory?
I thoroughly enjoy cirith’s Lord of the Rings by Meaning for showing a glimpse into the brilliant linguistic mind of Tolkien. bhenderson79’s Directions to Mount Doom is a great interactive summary of the movie trilogy. I’m a fan of over/under quizzes, so Tolkienite’s Over/Under: Lord of the Rings is just the perfect combination of subject and format.

Lastly, and a bit cliché in the Literature genre, but you just can’t go wrong with a good ‘Most Mentioned’ quiz such as dolebanana’s Lord of the Rings Top 50 or the interesting variant Lord of the Rings Top 50 places by Waterice_Man.

What are some of your favorite contributed quizzes from your subcategory?
pecheneg’s Missing Word: News of Mordor is must read (and play!) for those who want to keep up with the Dark Lord’s daily affairs. bhenderson79’s Illustrated Silmarillion Slideshow for its stunning artwork. Hejman’s The Typos of Tolkien is Hejman’s trademark humor let loose upon Middle-earth. liziandhazshow’s LotR Periodic Table is a solid challenge even to a Tolkien buff like myself, on top of the incredible quality and detail of the table itself.

What are your favorite quizzes from an entirely different category?
I love El_Dandy’s Superhero Logo series, LisaSimpsonOH’s Movie Genre Picture Click series and kfastic’s Sporclin’ through the Decades series.

As a movie lover, I’m also a huge fan of LarryHolmes79’s slideshow quizzes.

Which Sporcle Group do you frequent most often?
I primarily use Recent Discussions so I’m aware of what goes on in all the groups.

How can Sporclers in your subcategory best contact you?
The Sporcle message system. I’m always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Are there any Sporclers whose quizzes you think merit more attention than they get?
pecheneg makes some great and creative quizzes that often don’t get the plays they deserve.

Haiku or favorite Dad Joke (or both):
If Sam kept the Ring,
Barad-dûr would have flowers,
Mount Doom, potatoes.