New Badges: Buzzer Beater, Live in Concert, and Check Your Resolution

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2017)


Nearsighted? Shower-singer? Deflategate perpetrator? This week’s badges are for you.

Buzzer Beater: Pro advice from Tom Brady–deflating the ball can really help if you’re up against a tough opponent. Win 100 challenges in the Sports category to earn this one.

defaultLive in Concert: We know, we know–given your stellar vocals in the shower you think you deserve this badge already. Start singing in the gym’s public showers and maybe we’ll consider it. Play 50 Singers quizzes for this badge.

thedemolisher5Check Your Resolution: If you’re nearsighted, take your glasses off and this badge’ll be a breeze. Get 75% or better on Pixelated Movie Posters, Album Covers, Superhero Logos, and Art for this one.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

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