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Those of us unfamiliar with F1 drivers may be surprised that Pastor_Maldonado isn’t actually a pastor

When it comes to Sporcle, curators truly do know best. In this blog series, some of the great curators of Sporcle share their expert opinions on curating, top-notch quizzes, up-and-coming Sporclers, and a wee bit of trivia.

This week we feature Pastor_Maldonado, curator for the Africa and Auto Racing subcategories.

How did you first get involved with Sporcle?
As I’m a deep auto racing fan, I first visited Sporcle via a quiz link in a Formula One-related community on social media. I will share it here – Formula 1 Drivers 1990-2012.

Why did you decide to be a curator for your subcategories?
Auto Racing: The majority of my Sporcle quizzes are either about Formula One (occasionally other racing series), or Geography. I started with Formula One Minefields and Formula One: Wins, Podiums & Points By Country. So I’ve created many Auto Racing games on Sporcle, and in the summer of 2016 Formula_1_NNN–who is, like me, from Russia–also started making plenty of F1 quizzes. I saw him making progress and wanted to have an opportunity to promote his quizzes and quality quizzes from other users via CPs. So, in late December 2016 I wrote to f1lover22, the auto racing curator at the time, and expressed my willingness to become the new curator. He agreed, and I wrote to Sporcle admin mvheald with an application to become the auto racing curator. And finally, on 22 December 2016 I was appointed to the post!
Africa: As for Africa, I was totally shocked when gazzso announced he’d be stepping down from that curatorship. I had previously applied to be the Country subcategory curator, and after his announcement I wrote to mvheald again – and got appointed as curator for Africa!

What’s your favorite trivia fact having to do with your subcategories?
Africa: Oh, I love fun trivia facts a lot! For example, I love country borders which are not short and yet still not very well-known (e.g. Greece’s borders with both Albania and Macedonia). For Africa I appreciate Kabinda (the Republic of Congo-Angola border) and Kazungula (the extremely short border between Zambia and Botswana)–the southern part of Africa is a great border challenge! I love African Great Lakes (i.e Victoria, Malawi, Tanganyika and others), multiple word African country names (Equatorial Guinea, Cabo Verde, Sierra Leone, São Tomé and Príncipe, etc.), and consider it cool that Guinea doesn’t border the Gulf of Guinea.
Auto Racing: As for Auto Racing, there are various people I find interesting. I’m a fan of Venezuelan Formula One driver Pastor Maldonado (my Sporcle namesake). His win in the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix shocked and impressed me a lot. The first Formula One drivers I supported were Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and Kimi Räikkönen in 2007-2009. I deeply respect Italians Giancarlo Fisichella and Jarno Trulli; 1995 Canada winner Jean Alesi; and, of course, I’m a big fan of Russian F1 drivers Vitaliy Petrov and Daniil Kvyat, who are great sportsmen and true heroes of our time.

What are some of your favorite published quizzes from your subcategories?
Africa: I won’t lie, my own quiz Anything but Mauritania… Your first publish is always the best publish. I love Border quizzes, including minefield ones (e.g. Borders a ‘B’ Country Minefield). On the other hand, I really enjoy playing quizzes which require knowledge other than borders, flags, capitals and other general knowledge. I especially like quizzes about rivers and lakes.

What are some of your favorite contributed quizzes from your subcategories?
Auto Racing: I love many quizzes, including those by Formula_1_NNN, tvisani, dxx91, AlonsoFTW. My favourite playlists are megamrbrutal‘s Formula 1, Daan_Jellyfish‘s F1 Grand Prix Races 2016, tvisani‘s F1 Teams lineups, and the thorough work by dxx91 in F1 Drivers (1950 – 1999) and F1 Drivers (2000 – present).
Africa: All of the Hidden Neighbors playlists by markassonne (linked is the one for African countries), as well as an extremely cool challenge by gazzsoCountries of African Rivers. Every curator of Africa nowadays is a pupil of markassonne, and I will always miss gazzso on this post.

What are your favorite quizzes from an entirely different category?
As for other users’, Click the Correctly Spelled ‘K’ountry by needapausebutton, and Find the Element Spelled Correctly by strags11. I love April Fools’ very much, and these are two of the greatest Sporcle masterpieces of all time. As for my own quizzes in the April Fools category, Halloween on Friday 13th. Yes, it was quite many times.

Which Sporcle Group do you frequent most often?
Shameless Promotion, Trophy Case & Recognition, Geography Talk and, also, Sports!, in which I post the Motor Sporcle Magazine, sharing the newest CP-ed Auto Racing quizzes there.

How can Sporclers in your subcategories best contact you?
I love when Sporclers send me quizzes to consider through Messages. Many quality quizzes that I’ve given a CP to had been sent to me via private message.

Are there any Sporclers whose quizzes you think merit more attention than they get?
I think Auto Racing in general requires much more attention and recognition on Sporcle. I want some general-knowledge Formula One quizzes to be published. My dream is to have something published from the group of ‘Anyone but Formula One drivers’ quizzes, either from my playlist or from other users’ (playlists like Anyone but… F1 or Anything but Formula One).

Haiku or favorite Dad Joke (or both):
Just a great quote by 2007 F1 Champion Kimi Räikkönen. In 2006, he had this conversation with a British commentator and former F1 driver Martin Brundle:

Martin Brundle: “Kimi, you missed the presentation by Pele.”
Kimi : “Yeah.”
Martin: “Will you get over it?”
Kimi: “Yeah. I was having a [#2].”


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