6 Lesser Known Tips for Making Quizzes

Tips for Making Quizzes If you’re reading this, you probably already have a decent handle on how to make top notch quizzes. There’s always room for improvement though. Even some of our best quiz makers may be overlooking some very helpful tools. So, we would like to offer a quick list of six different features that you may find helpful when you are designing your favorite quizzes.

1. Copying Quizzes – Did you know you can copy quizzes on Sporcle? This feature can be one the the most useful tools in a quiz maker’s arsenal. Copying quizzes can be helpful for a number of different reasons. For one, this function allows quiz makers to save a number of steps in the quiz making process. Don’t want to tediously draw all the country outlines on your picture click map quiz? Unsure about how to format your logic puzzle? Curious how to get those boxes in your sorting quiz? Sporcle allows you to copy many different quizzes to save you time when formatting your quiz. Copying quizzes is particularly helpful when you have a whole series of quizzes you want to make. You can reuse the format you used in one quiz for other quizzes in the future.

2. Group-By-Hint Option – This can be a great way to improve the look and feel of your quiz. You will find the “Group-By-Hint” option in the “Style” Tab when editing a quiz. Take a look at the Billy Joel Songs quiz below. Notice how all the album names are listed in the hint column?

Now take a look at the same quiz, but with the “Group-By-Hint” option turned on. Now the album names appear as their own separate headings. Sometimes it’s the little things that can really make a quiz stand out. By simply using this small formatting technique, the quiz becomes much more visually appealing and even more playable.

3. Crosslink/Playlist – Crosslinks can be a great way to easily direct players to other quizzes you might have made. Chances are that if a user likes the quiz they are playing, they may well like other quizzes you have designed. Crosslinks can be added in the “Game Info” tab when editing a quiz. Just paste in the URL of any Sporcle quiz you wish to Crosslink to. The Crosslink you add will appear after the “Also try:” heading near the top of the quiz page.

Similar to Crosslinks, Playlists can also be a great way to bring more exposure to your quizzes. The Playlist you create will appear on quiz pages and allow users to easily cycle through the quizzes you’ve included in them. This feature if great if you have many related quizzes, or a long series of quizzes. You can create your very own Playlist of quizzes here. If you want more info on Playlists, you can also check out this helpful Blog Post.

4. Tags/Subcategories – As with anything, the best way to find something is to label it. If you go to the “Tags” tab when editing your quiz, you can search through our massive database of Tags and add ones you feel are relevant to your quiz. This is an easy way to help get your quiz a bit more exposure, as it can help users find your quiz when searching for a particular topic of interest to them.

If you really want your quiz to get some exposure, add a Subcategory Tag. This will help Curators find your quiz, and if the quiz is solid, it might even help you earn a Curator Pick. Curator Picks lead to more plays, and can even help your quiz get the attention of Sporcle Admin, who schedule quizzes for publication on the Homepage.

5. HTML Formatting – Want your quiz to really stand out? How about adding a little style to your quiz? Here are some HTML formatting commands that you can use when editing your quiz:

Bold: <b>your text</b>
Italics: <i>your text</i>
Underline: <u>your text</u>
Subscript Text: <sub>your text</sub>
Line Break: <br>
List Item: <li>

These commands really allow you to customize the look of your quizzes. So why not experiment with them a little and give them a try?

6. Create Page Filtering – If you’ve been making quizzes for a while, your Quiz Management Dashboard might be filled with various quiz drafts, contributed quizzes, and maybe even a handful of published quizzes. It can all be a lot to sort through. Thankfully, the Dashboard allows users to filter their various quizzes by entering a keyword in the filtering box. In addition to using the quiz filter, users can also sort quizzes by Title, Plays, Plays Today, Rating, Comments, and Date. Simply click on the heading you wish to sort by.

This can be useful if you want to figure out which of your quizzes has been performing the best or is most popular. It can also help you better organize your many quizzes.

Hopefully these six tips will help you create more top-notch quizzes. Feel free to start with just one tip from list, or try all six if you’re brave. Are there other quiz making tips you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section below!