10 Funny Town Names in the United States

Funny Town Names

10 Funny Town Names

Naming things is hard, especially when it comes to naming a town. How do you pick a name that accurately reflects the unique character and location of a town? We think that the namers of these towns did a pretty great job. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to visit some of these oddly named places:

1. Tightwad, Missouri – It doesn’t get any cheaper than Tightwad. The cost of living in Missouri is already pretty low, but, if you really want some good deals, move to Tightwad.

2. Okay, Oklahoma – Okay, Ok, okay? Sounds like an alright place, to say the least. I mean, it’s not great, but it’s not awful either…

3. Unalaska, Alaska Go to Unalaska and have an unbirthday, if you like.

4. Possum Trot, Kentucky – A snake can slither, a horse can gallop, but can a possum trot? The answer is yes, in Possum Trot, Kentucky, anyway.

5. Humansville, Missouri – You have to wonder how the creative founders of this town came up with the name. Do you think they just looked at each other and said, “Hey, we’re humans, and this looks a ville. Perfect! Let’s name it Humansville!” A for effort?

6. Booger Hole, West Virginia – Your mom always told you to keep you finger out of your booger hole, right? She probably didn’t mean Booger Hole, West Virginia, which has a pretty sketchy past. About a dozen people were murdered in Booger Hole in 1917. What happened exactly? Nobody nose.

7. Hell, Michigan – Without a doubt, every winter, at least one resident says, “Well, you said when hell freezes over. And here we are.” Really?

8. Tightsqueeze, Virginia – It’s not known as an expansive township. Click here is a description of how Tightsqueeze got his name.

9. Frankenstein, Missouri – Yep, it’s a real town. It’s a great place to live, except for the disproportionate number of mad scientists and lightning strikes.

10. Intercourse, Pennsylvania Hmmm…er…Intercourse is great! A little known fact about this small town in PA is that the films Witness and For Richer or Poorer were both filmed here.

Funny town names exist throughout the United States and the world. Have you visited any of these places? Did we miss any good ones? If so, leave us a comment below.