New Badges: Deal or New Deal, Another Badge on the Wall, and Lost in Translation


¡Aquí están las nuevas insignias de la semana!

Deal or New Deal: Given the economic situation of the ’30s, you probably should have taken Howie’s offer to switch cases. Get 50% or better on 1930s Match-Up, 1930s Blitz, and Political Photos from the 1930s to earn this badge.

defaultAnother Badge on the Wall: If you think this side of the badge looks cool, just wait until you see the dark side of the badge. You’ll need 100% on Pink Floyd Albums to earn this one.

thedemolisher5Lost in Translation: Ah, high school foreign language classes… Sure you may only remember how to count to 10 and order a hamburger, but that won’t stop you from claiming bilingual on your resume. Play 50 Translation quizzes for this one.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.