New Badges: Boom Box Blanks, Peaks and Valleys, and Dirty Dozen

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)


Ah yes, we remember Kelly Clarkson’s 2009 hit ‘My Life Would Suck Without Sporcle’.

Boom Box Blanks: Sometimes the wrong answers are better than the right ones. And, to be fair, Rihanna probably does Love the Way You Sporcle. You’ll need 50% or better on Song Title Endings, II, III, and IV to earn this one.

defaultPeaks and Valleys: In a way, Sporcle has its own topography–the peak of earning a new badge, and the crushing valley of losing your Perfect Century streak on day 99. Play 25 Topography quizzes to earn this badge.

thedemolisher5Dirty Dozen: We may call it ‘dirty’, but we expect a nice, clean game from all of you. Play 12 12-minute quizzes for this badge (which, with a little cheese, makes for a great omelette).

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.



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