Curator’s Corner: Should Curators Pick Their Own Quizzes?

curators corner

Today in Curator’s Corner, we tackle the age old question: Should Curators pick their own quizzes as curator picks?

To understand this debate, first we need to establish what a Curator Pick actually is. (If you don’t know what a curator does, start with this blog post.)

When a curator designates a quiz a  Curator Pick (CP), a few things happen: the quiz with a CP is highlighted on the Curator Picks Page, a CP tag is added to the quiz itself, an email is sent to the quiz-maker letting them know their quiz was selected, and the quiz is put on the subcategory page in which it belongs.

All in all, getting a Curator Pick gives some nice exposure to a quiz and definitely helps it get noticed and perhaps eventually published.

So, should curators pick their own quizzes?

The answer is…sometimes? Curator Picks and Editor Picks give exposure to worthy quizzes, and often times curators come up with some fantastic quizzes-that’s why we selected them to be curators, after all. However, curators  shouldn’t use their position as a means of self promotion. So what should happen when a curator makes a very worthy quiz and can give their own quiz a CP? There is actually a great deal of discussion in the curator community  about this very question.

As a matter of practice, some curators never pick their own quizzes, while others might pick their own quiz but then feel guilty about it. Some curators consider their quizzes part of the overall pool of content from which to choose, especially if there is a scarcity of quality quizzes available in their particular subcategory.

There is no hard and fast rule on this, but here a few things to be aware of:

  • While curators can pick their own quizzes, they definitely shouldn’t overdo it
  • It is also a best practice for curators not to pick their own quizzes succession or in close proximity
  • If the subcategory in question has a lot of activity, the curator is encouraged to continue to give priority to other quizmakers

In the end, there really isn’t a problem with curators picking their own quizzes, as long as these quizzes meet the criteria used for everyone else and they don’t overdo it.