Curator’s Corner: What is a Curator on Sporcle?

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2017)

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Welcome to Curator’s Corner

Curator’s Corner is a new blog segment that will briefly tackle a topic or question each week about curators on Sporcle. Since this is our first outing, we thought it only fitting our first subject should be…

What is a Sporcle Curator?

Quizzes on Sporcle get assigned to various categories (i.e. Geography, Movies, Holiday, etc). Within each category are several subcategories that tend to be a bit more granular. For example, in the Movies category there are subcategories for Star Wars, Movie Quotes, Disney, and more.

Each subcategory has a curator assigned to it. Curators can choose quizzes in their subcategories to become “Curator Picks”. This adds a nice little curator tag to the quiz and highlights it on the curator pick page.  An email is also sent to the quiz-maker letting them know their quiz was selected.

Many curator’s picks go on to get published.

Curators also get some special tools and rights on Sporcle. Particularly they can add tags to quizzes to help categorize them. You can see a list of all the curators on the curator page. We also feature different curators as part of the Curator Knows Best series.

What does a curator do?

Curators are a vital part of keeping Sporcle going. They are users who have demonstrated a passion for trivia and want to breathe life into the subcategory they manage. They have a high degree of expertise and knowledge of the subcategory they curate and they feel a sense of ownership in their categories and want to see them thrive.

Curators volunteer their time and energy working with quiz-makers to improve quizzes and to help the community be more engaged. They may message users to help teach them the ropes of making quizzes while also helping more established users fine-tune their quizzes to reach the best quality possible. They may also monitor feedback on quizzes and help address them where possible.

How does one become a curator?

If you are interested in becoming a curator you can apply to an open subcategory. On the right hand side of each subcategory you can see who is assigned as curator to that subcategory. If no one is assigned, you will see an Apply Now option.

Click Apply Now takes you to the apply page and gives you a bit more information about how to get started.

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