Top Comments of the Week (02/17)

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

From Dad Jokes to puns and all in between, Sporclers know how to make us laugh. Here are the…

Top Comments of the Week

1. Quiz: The Following Program is Not Suitable for Children
From Sporcle user ashbeek: “Yeah, that particular scene is TOTALLY the main reason why I won’t let my kids watch Game of Thrones.”

2. Quiz: Separated Holidays (Valentine’s Day)
From Sporcle user tk925: “I matched cele-ry and it said it was a wrong answer. What could be more romantic than a high-fiber diet?”

3. Quiz: Bad Valentine’s Day Pick-Up Lines
From Sporcle user aerodynamic: “Is that a kyzzrgyzyykrzgykzgykzyrryzkkzyryggzykrk in your pocket or were you just trying to spell Kyrgyzstan? Oh, oh okay.”

4. Quiz: Disease or Mineral?
From Sporcle user strags11: “Quite honestly, I am way less concerned about the “neoplasm/tumor” ambiguity as I am about the 5% of Sporclers who evidently think that syphilis is a mineral.”

5. Quiz: Foreign-Born Population: Norway
From Sporcle user Spork_L: “It is fascinating indeed that such a variety of people find Norway afjordable.”




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