How to Make a Multiple Choice Quiz

Multiple Choice is the newest quiz format to Sporcle, and it’s already changing the quizmaking game. Not only is it a great way to style your bunkers and blitzes–the format also has extended quiz stats that can give insight into the popularity of wrong answers.

Multiple Choice quizzes can be a bit unfamiliar to make, even if you’ve created other quiz types before. Don’t fret–this guide will get you well on your way to becoming a Multiple Choice Quiz Whiz.


Get a feel for multiple choice with the quizzes below, and an entire How-To guide after the jump.

Sporcle Category-A-Thon
Which TV Character’s Catchphrase
Countries by Capitals: Europe

Getting Started

First, navigate to the Game Creation Center and click the orange ‘Create a New Game’ button. You’ll be prompted for some basic information about your quiz.

Game Name:
Start by typing in the name of your quiz. You can easily change this later if you modify your concept.

Similar Games:
If your quiz has already been made by another user, it will display in the ‘Similar Games’ box below.

Game Type:
In the ‘Game Type’ drop-down menu, choose ‘Multiple Choice.’ Unlike with other quiz formats, a non-Multiple Choice quiz cannot be converted to a Multiple Choice quiz later on.

After selecting your game type, click the ‘Create Game’ button to make your draft.

Once Your Draft is Created:

1. Game Info
Now that you’ve created the game, you’ll start off in the ‘Game Info’ tab. Here, you can edit your game description to give Sporclers a better idea of what to expect.

Since Multiple Choice quizzes are typically short, you might want to change the game timer from 10 minutes to something more challenging for the player.

Give your quiz a category and save your changes, then your game info is ready to go!

2. Enter the Data
The Data tab on Multiple Choice quizzes is this format’s major distinction from the other quiz types. While most quizzes have a Data entry interface that looks like a spreadsheet, the Multiple Choice format allows you to enter questions on an individual basis.

Click ‘Add Question’ to start putting the data into your quiz. The question entry window is straightforward–it will prompt you for the question text and all of the choices that you want to appear along with that question.

To the right of your choices, there is a circle by each box where you can mark the correct answer to the question. The choice with the filled-in circle and green ‘Answer’ text adjacent to it will register as the correct answer to your question.

When you’re done making your question, hit the Save button to add it to your quiz. Rinse and repeat for all of the questions you want. At this point your quiz is ready to play, and all that’s left is tweaking a few options to customize the style.

3. Select Your Options
Wrong Answer Ends the Quiz
In a Multiple Choice game, incorrect answers are displayed alongside the correct answer. With this option turned on, all of the incorrect answers act as “mines”. If a user clicks one, the game will end.

Randomize Order of Questions
As a default, this quiz type cycles through the questions in the order you enter them. The randomize option allows you to present the questions in random order.

Randomize Order of Answers
For Multiple Choice quizzes, this option is selected by default. Only uncheck this box if you want the choices to appear in the exact order you entered them in the Data tab.

Hide the Previous/Next Buttons
This option turns your quiz into a forced-order style quiz. With this option selected, the player is forced to answer the given question before moving onto the next one.

Congratulations–it’s a Multiple Choice Quiz! You’re ready to send it out into the world in the Finish Up tab. They always grow up so fast.

If you’re still having trouble making your Multiple Choice quiz, our Youtube channel has a video walkthrough for Multiple Choice quiz creation.