The 18 Most Used Trivia Team Names

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2024)

Trivia Team Names

The top trivia team names of all time from Sporcle Live’s bar trivia.

Choosing the right trivia team name for bar trivia just might be the most important part of your evening come trivia night. The reason? A good trivia team name might be your best bet on making a good impression with the host or the crowd (especially if you know more about beer than geography or history). No matter how smart you are, the team name can be the great equalizer.

Warning: trivia team names are not always kid friendly. They might have a touch of the offensive, a dash of a pun, a pinch of current events, and a smidgen of popular culture. Or they could just be a terrible play on words. Without further ado, here are the 18 most submitted bar trivia team names of all time as collected from Sporcle Live’s Pub Trivia Champions League.

1. Tequila Mockingbird

Maybe trivia fans are a huge fan of Harper Lee. Perhaps people can’t get enough of Jem, Scout and Atticus Finch. Or it could be that pub trivia fanatics just love that blue agave plant and passerine birds.

2. Quiz in…

“Quiz In My Pants” or “quiz in” other areas of one’s person is one of the most popular naming trends. Sure it is juvenile and a little disgusting, but then again so is bar trivia.

3. I Thought This Was Speed Dating

Speed Dating is an organized social activity that is a form of matchmaking which focuses on meeting a lot of people in a short period of time. Apparently dozens of dozens of teams over time conflate trivia nights with speed dating…it’s hard being single.

4. My Couch Pulls Out, but I Don’t

So yeah, sex has a pretty prominent place in many bar trivia names. There is little to no evidence that being good at trivia leads to increased sexual activity, but you’d never guess that from the many sex-related trivia team names we hear night after night.

5. Suck it Trebek

“Suck it Trebek” or various Trebek themed trivia team names often take center stage at bar trivia. You may not ever make it onto Jeopardy! but for one fleeting night you might be able to announce your dominance over the long time host. Then again, you might come in last and be faced with a bitter irony.

6. Trivia Newton John

The Grease star is a strange icon of trivia. Odds are good it has nothing to do with her knowledge of obscure facts or her mastery of information of little importance or value. We suspect it might have something to do with the glorious nature of her name (and her song titles – see below).

7. My Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem

Sadly we don’t think there is a twelve step program in place for trivia addiction. This affliction affects millions of Americans every year. Get help…or don’t.

8. Better Late Than Pregnant

Hey nothing screams trivia more than a baby scare for an unsuspecting couple.

9. Prestige Worldwide

“Prestige Worldwide” – not only of many trivia team names, it’s a once in a lifetime business opportunity. Here’s all you need to know.

10. Let’s Get Quizzical

Once again the unofficial diva of trivia Olivia Newton John comes along. “Hopelessly Devoted to Trivia” gets an honorable mention here, but in reality nothing compares to this:

11. Here for the Beer

“Here 4 the Beer” is another variant of this theme. Pub trivia is fun, but going with good friends and lifting a pint enriches the experience, so why not celebrate with a name that honors the purpose.

12. Multiple Scoregasms

Again sex comes into play for trivia names. Either that or a Scoregasm is some kind of medical condition brought on by too much drinking and trivia.

13. And in last place…

Picture it, you are coming to the end of game one of trivia and the host is reading off the scores and rankings. You think you are doing pretty well but the bar is loud and it is hard to hear. You hear a score and then host says “And in last place” and you hear your team name in there somewhere. You charge the stage in a fit of rage only to discover that someone had named their team “And in last place”. Hilarity ensues. Yeah, we don’t get it either. For a fun variation, try the name – “… and that’s how we get ants.”

14. Quizzard of Oz

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Dorothy and Toto really having nothing on a team name commemorating the leader of the land of Oz. Now if you only had a brain…

15. Periodic Table Dancers

Few things make a more popular team name than mixing something nerdy with something sexy. This is neither of those, but for some reason is gets used a lot as a team name anyway.

16. Awesome Sauce

You could probably do an entire other post about the use of the word “Awesome” in a pub trivia team name, but “Awesome Sauce” bubbles to the top of the list. We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention “Awesome Blossom”, “Awesome Opossums” and “Thunderstruck McAwesome” which help round out the list of awesome team names.

17. E=MC Hammer

When Einstein meets Stanley Kirk Burrell (aka MC Hammer) it’s just too legit to quit.

18. Nine Inch Males

If Trent Reznor plays bar trivia, we desperately hope this is his team name. Otherwise, it is just wishful thinking of many a bar patron.

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