New Badges: Badge Sematary, The Archivist, and The Millenial


RIP Myspace. May we forever preserve your legacy: “Rawr means I love you in dinosaur.”

Badge Sematary: If you know someone who names their dog Cujo, your friendship isn’t worth it. 50%  or better on Stephen King Around the World, Stephen King in One Word, Stephen King Novels and Stephen King Movies will earn you this one.

defaultThe Archivist: Friends, Romans, countrymen; today we finally give you a chance to use your obscure history knowledge from your Political Science minor. Play 5 quizzes you’ve never played before in each History subcategory for this badge.

thedemolisher5The Millenial: We are the survivors of Y2K. Myspace wasn’t quite so lucky. 50% on Faces on Time (2000s), 2000s Blitz, and Political Photos From the 2000s is all you need to earn this one!

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.