The Christmas Quiz Journey – A 12 Days of Sporcle Guide

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)

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A handy guide to earning one of the hardest badges by playing a Christmas quiz or holiday themed quiz each day.

Welcome to December. On the horizon are Christmas cookies, Festivus, and figuring out what quizzes you need to earn your 12 Days of Sporcle badge. Remember, to earn this badge, you need to play 1 quiz on the 1st Day of Christmas (Dec. 25), 2 quizzes on the 2nd Day of Christmas, … all the way to 12 quizzes on the 12th Day of Christmas (Jan. 5).

In the spirit of giving, we have put together this handy list of Christmas quizzes to help you earn the badge. Use this as a guide, but don’t feel like you have to treat it as Sporcle gospel. We chose only Christmas and holiday-themed quizzes, but you can play any quiz during this stretch to get the badge.

Day 1 – Christmas Day

You just need one quiz here, we suggest an oldie but a goodie, the classic Christmas quiz – Santa’s Reindeer. But since you are here, go ahead and play Finish the Christmas Song and Buddy the Elf Food Groups to earn the Feliz Navidad badge. What’s Christmas without a little Christmas Trivia?

Day 2 – December 26th

Just two quizzes needed today. Go with the 12 Days of Christmas gifts quiz and Name the Month by US Holiday.

Day 3 – December 27th

OK, three days in and making progress. Try Principles of KwanzaaAll I Want For Christmas…, and Santa Around the World.

Day 4 – December 28th

By now, you are in the strange, ethereal time between Christmas and New Year’s. You’ve played with your new presents and are pondering where to be on New Year’s Eve. This is the beginning of the danger zone for the badge. It is easy to lose focus here and doubt if a Christmas quiz here or some holiday trivia there is the right call. Knuckle down and make it happen.

Day 5 – December 29th

Fives days down. At this point you are probably considering a gym membership, giving up sugar, and taking up knitting. Fight these urges, get it together, and Sporcle on.

Day 6 – December 30th

At this stage you are probably waffling in your commitment to this badge. What has this badge ever done for me? I can just get it next year! What practical value do badges really have anyway? These thoughts are here to distract you. They are not helping. This list is helping and might be your only friend at this stage of the game.

Day 7 – December 31st

New Year’s Eve baby! Don’t forget this is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay hydrated, get some protein and get these quizzes in before you go drink your weight in Jägermeister. Also sneak in a bonus quiz of Quiz for Hangovers to earn that Auld Lang Syne badge.

Day 8 – January 1st

Happy New Year! Drink that Bloody Mary to kill your hangover and get to work. There is Sporcling to be done. Even though it is 2017, you are still in holiday badge earning mode, so fire up that Christmas quiz and get cracking!

Day 9 – January 2nd

OK, to be honest at this point you may have missed a day and are thinking – great, 2017 is already a bust. All that is left for me is impending old age and the inevitable thinning hair, Metamucil, and the occasional broken hip. Do not despair. Remember progress made on the badge this year will help you next year. Strive on.

Day 10 – January 3rd

Alright, you need some inspiration. You have been slogging along and you won’t make it without something to get you there. You deserve a picture of a kitten. You need to be safe in the knowledge that we are all bound together as a united people in our love for kittens. No matter your race, religion, political affiliation, preferred Sporcle category – you like kittens. It is biological.

So here it is you badge-earning, kitten-loving, magnificent Sporcle fiend.


Soak it in.

Feel better? OK back to work:

Day 11 – January 4th

Home stretch. And let’s be real here, you are probably back at work, school, or whatever walk of life and this much time spent earning a badge and delving into a Christmas quiz or three may be affecting your ability to do your job, study, stay in a meaningful relationship…but let’s be clear.

None of that matters.

You can’t quit now, you are almost there.

Day 12 – January 5th

Boom! Final day, here we go. This is for all the marbles:

That’s it. Again you can play any quiz during this time, but we hope this helps keep things festive while also earning the badge. Happy holidays!



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