When all you have is time…

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2017)

Tired of running out of time when playing that Sporcle quiz? Boy do we have news for you.


Meet the Sporcle Stopwatch. What’s the Stopwatch? Oh, only the most requested Sporcle feature of all time. Now you can play Sporcle quizzes without worrying about the time. Change over from regular timer mode to Stopwatch mode and take all the time you need to finish that quiz.

If you are looking to go about your Sporcling at a more leisurely pace while sipping your Earl Grey, reading the morning paper and thinking calming thoughts, Stopwatch is the feature you have been waiting for.

How does the Stopwatch work?

Before you start a quiz,sporcle stopwatch click the gear icon next to the timer and choose Stopwatch. After you click the Play button the counter will count up, not down. Time will continue going until 99 minutes and 59 seconds. After you play in Stopwatch mode, your Friends Scores section will have an option to show or hide the Stopwatch scores against the quiz you just played. Keep in mind that when playing in Stopwatch mode, challenges, badges, and other achievements cannot be earned. Also remember that you have to be logged in to have access to this feature.

Enjoy the Stopwatch. It’s a brave new world in Sporcleland.

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