Top Comments of the Week (10/28)

From Dad Jokes to puns and all in between, Sporclers know how to make us laugh. Here are the…

Top Comments of the Week

1. Quiz: Political Halloween Masks
Snazzypants7: “Well I’m going to have nightmares tonight. I don’t think I can ever unsee that Al Gore mask.”

2. Quiz: UNO Special Editions
raydante: “When I got down to one left, I forgot to yell “Uno!” and the quiz added two more questions.”

3. Quiz: ‘Harry Potter’ Spell Per Letter
stellahayman3: “Can’t believe it didn’t accept ‘sunshine daisies butter mellow turn this stupid fat rat yellow.'”

4. Quiz: Border Chain Minefield VI
Azazello: “Had I known when I was ten that the dissolution of Yugoslavia would cause me such grief on Sporcle 25 years later, I would have been much more upset about it at the time.”

5. Quiz: Top 10 Richest Countries in North America
dancastro: “At last! The Holy Roman Empire wasn’t holy, nor Roman, nor an empire, the Red Sea isn’t red, Greenland isn’t green, Guinea pigs aren’t from Guinea nor are pigs, but at least Costa Rica (“rich coast”) is a correct answer for a quiz about richest countries (although barely… it just makes the cut).”