Back to Sporcle: Winners and Wrap-Up

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)


Best of Summer Playlist:

Play the ultimate Best of Summer 2016 playlist here.

Winning Quizzes:
‘Harry Potter’ Start to Finish   •   Movie Quote Picture Click   •   TV Show by Running Joke II
Movies by Emoji II   •   Language Speed-Picking   •   Let’s Draw the US Borders
Amazon Movie Reviews III   •   Olympic Sports (A-Z)   •   Honest Movie Titles
10 to 1: Asian Geography   •   Click a Bordering Country   •   Oh, Again with the Irony
4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common V   •   Fix the Europe Map   •   Find Five ‘N’ Things

Congrats to our winners and a huge thanks to all the quizmakers who made this possible!

Meme Competition:

We were absolutely appalled by the number of memes entered into this competition. If you only looked at one meme a week, you’d have consistent memes all the way through Christmas. Of next year. (If you do choose this method, we recommend our compiled Dank Meme Stash on Imgur)

With this kind of participation, competition was stiff, but one meme stood above the rest:


And here are our honorable mentions. The relatable beauty of our winner is unrivaled, but all of these made Sporcle HQ chuckle or, more commonly, collectively cringe.

1a55hz    1a1i4p

jtu68el   1a7fvd   

 memecompetition2_zps94n2snoc  sporclememe2_zpsxn10smeo

All of the entries have been wonderful, and will keep Sporclers chortling for years to come. The competition may be over, but we hope to see many more memes in the future.

Quizmaking Competition: 

This one was tough as it was a close, close battle. The winner, by only one point, was….

TV Shows with After School Clubs by filipad

Since multiple great quizzes fell just one point behind, we wanted to share our next couple favorites as well.

Sporcle University Club Offerings by El_Dandy
After-School Logic Puzzle by 31415926535
Foreign Language Clubs Party by SilentOne
After-School Clubs by michaeljgarman10

Most of all, congrats to everyone who earned their Back to Sporcle badge. Nearly 20,000 users got the badge this week, so we know we have a few happy badge-hunters on our hands.

A big thanks to everyone for participating. From furiously making memes and quizzes to just voting on some of your favorites, everyone who was a part of Back to Sporcle week made it as great as it was. After not holding Back to Sporcle Week for a few years, this really reminded us why we love it so much.

Welcome back to Sporcle!

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