Back to Sporcle: Wednesday Schedule


Your last daily schedule is here! Back to Sporcle Week is nearly over, and while there may not be any organized schedules anymore, we’re sure you’ll still find plenty of classes that interest you. We feel a great year of quizzes brewing, so there’s plenty to look forward to!

Wednesday Class Schedule:

hist iconLiterature
A Century of Literature – by Professor NJSB
Level: Teacher’s Pet

hist iconHistory
We Didn’t Start the Fire: Historically Speaking – by Professor strunk09
Level: Class Clown

hist iconLunch
Foods that Grow on Trees – by Lunch lady manonthemoon
Note from mom: “I heard from Jimmy’s mother that you threw away your apple yesterday. Honestly, eat something with color! LOL, Mom”

hist iconLanguage
Most Common Verbs by Letter – by Professor El_Dandy
Level: Honors Student

hist iconExtracurriculars:
Odd But True Baseball Facts – by Coach babymonkee
Level: C Team