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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)


If you missed this weekend’s announcement of the meme competition, there’s a poster on the bulletin that should fill you in!

Tuesday Class Schedule:

hist iconChemistry
Quick Pick: Most Abundant Elements in the Universe – by Professor PrincessMartell
Level: Class Clown

hist iconLanguage
Words About Words – by Professor gotcha
Level: Honors Student

hist iconLunch
Find the Herbs and Spices – by Lunch lady markassonne
Note from mom: “Just because school started again doesn’t mean you get to stop doing your chores! Feed the cat when you get home, she looks famished.”

hist iconMath
Word Ladder: Angle Analysis – by Professor theresae
Level: Class Clown

hist iconExtracurriculars:
Broadway Show by Costume – by Director LisaSimpsonOH
Level: Lead Role



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