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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)


Enjoy your class schedule today–it’s the last one until after the weekend!

Friday Class Schedule:

hist iconMath
Number Crossword – by Professor goc3
Level: Teacher’s Pet

hist iconLanguage
Calling All Vowels! – by Professor El_Dandy
Level: Honors Student

hist iconLunch
TV Show by Pizza Scene – by Professor hatefulmissy
Note from mom: “Don’t forget to vote in the school elections! Martha’s daughter has a quiz in and we can NOT let her win. LOL.”

hist iconBiology
Animal Tracks and Footprints – by Professor tim_parr
Level: Class Clown

hist iconExtracurriculars:
#1 Picks in the HOF (Big 4) – by Coach Ben
Level: Junior Varsity



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