Back to Sporcle: First Day of School

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)


Welcome to your first day at Sporcle University! Here’s your Thursday class schedule. If you haven’t seen your syllabus or the school elections yet, make sure to acquaint yourself with those as well.

If you haven’t met your fellow students, plenty of people are hanging out in the Quad right now. Enjoy your first day back to Sporcle!

Thursday Class Schedule:

hist iconMath
Missing Word: Math at the Movies – by Professor bhenderson79
Level: Class Clown

hist iconHistory
Around the World with 80 Politicians – by Professor pdigoe
Level: Honors Student

hist iconLunch
TV Show by Breakfast Cereal – by Professor cachecache
Note from mom: “Make friends on your first day, Sweetie!”

hist iconLiterature
No Hint Sorting Gallery: Literature – by Professor armadilloking
Level: Teacher’s Pet

hist iconExtracurriculars:
Word Ladder: Spamalot – by Director Purple_Parrot
Level: Understudy




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