Back to Sporcle Ultimate Summer Playlist Voting


Hello, Students, and welcome to orientation! This year, we’re preparing Sporclers for the rigorous school year ahead by reviewing some of the summer’s best quizzes you might have missed. As a very wonderful problem to have though, there are just too many great summer quizzes.

To prep for Back to Sporcle Week starting this Thursday, we need your help choosing the Top 15 quizzes of summer. The Deans of Sporcle U have chosen a list of great summer quizzes, and now it comes down to a student vote. The 15 you choose will end up in the Back to Sporcle Ultimate Summer Playlist for all posterity, so choose wisely.

Here is your selection of quizzes to pick from. Click the names to refresh your memory or play any of these great quizzes you missed. Voting is due by Wednesday September 7th, 2016 (the last day of Back to Sporcle Week) so be sure to have your choices in by then.

Ultimate Summer Playlist Candidates:

‘Harry Potter’ Start to Finish    •     Movie Quote Picture Click    •    What’s in a Female Name?
Movies by Emoji II     •    Language Speed-Picking    •     Let’s Draw the US Borders
Disney Characters Minefield     •    TV Show by Running Joke II    •    Find the Quadrilaterals
Africa: 20 Most Populous Countries    •    Amazon Movie Reviews III    •    Olympic Sports (A-Z)
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XI    •    10 to 1: Asian Geography    •    Click a Bordering Country
European Countries with an ‘R’    •    Find Five ‘N’ Things    •    TV Timeline Picture Click
Pick-Up Sticks    •    Food Bunker   •    Sporcle Minesweeper II    •    Find that Movie!
Which Logo is NFL? (Blitz)    •    Honest Movie Titles   •    Questioning Movie Quotes IV?
Test Your Reflexes Again!    •     Minefield Map: European Capitals   •    Movies with Chocolate
Who Did it First?    •    4 Movies, 1 Thing in Common V    •    3-Letter Click Blitz
Spot the Difference VII     •     Oh, Again with the Irony   •   Historical People A-Z
Fix the Europe Map    •    Find the Primes and Perfect Squares!   •    Leaping Ladder
Risky Map Clicking: Next State Alphabetically    •     One Big 4 Team States & Provinces 


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