Back to Sporcle Syllabus 2016

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

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Sporcle University

Back to Sporcle Syllabus 2016

Course Overview:
The purpose of this course is to prime all our student Sporclers into well-rounded owners of the Back to Sporcle badge. Students will be given an engaging curriculum including math, literature, language, history and science. Extracurricular activities are very important to Sporcle U. Athletes, theater enthusiasts, and the musically gifted alike should have no problem finding an after school club for them.

Course Material:
•Daily Class Schedule
•Meme Contest
•Summer Quiz Voting
•Quiz Creation Competition
•Rare Badge Earning

Classroom Rules: 
Absolutely NO make-up work. All quizzes must be completed by September 7th for the badge.
There’s no bathroom pass. Just go.
No cheating off of other students. All quizzes and memes submitted must be your own original ideas.
As always, questions or comments should be directed to the Hall Monitor.
No throwing food. Derek will see you.

Grading Breakdown:
Quizzes (100%)

Grading Policy:
A – 25+ quizzes
B – 20-25 quizzes
C – 15-19 quizzes
D – 10-14 quizzes
F  – 9 quizzes and below

Only straight A students will earn their Back to Sporcle badge–thankfully, it’s not too hard.

Can’t wait to see you all bright and early on the first day of class–September 1st!

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