New Badges: Speedy Selection, What’s Up, Doc?, and One Small Step


If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.

Crazy Eights Badge IconSpeedy Selection: Nothing’s faster than the speed of light? Explain the speed of pancakes going from perfectly golden to burnt and the speed of untagging oneself from an unflattering Facebook picture. Play 200 Quick Pick quizzes for this badge.

Axis and Allies Badge IconWhat’s Up, Doc?: It’s badge season and I’m hunting badges, so be vewy, vewy quiet. 50% or better on Looney Tunes Characters, Looney Tunes in Real Life, and Looney Tunes Quotes: th-th-th-that’s all you have to do to earn this badge!

Niftier Fiftier Badge IconOne Small Step: If you think the moon landing was faked, we Apollo-gize–this badge will be one giant leap for you.  On July 20th, get 50% or better on To the Moon!, Neil Armstrong’s Moon Landing Quote, and Moon Walkers for this one.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.