New Badges: First Contact, Late Lunch, and DJ, Turn it Up!

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2017)


Badge me up, Scotty!

Crazy Eights Badge IconFirst Contact: “Sporcle is the beginning of wisdom, not the end” -Spock-le. You’ll need 100% on Star Trek Intro, Star Trek Crew, and Star Trek Films to earn this out-of-this-world badge.

Niftier Fiftier Badge IconLate Lunch: We may call this one ‘Late Lunch’, but we know you’re going to earn it during work. You can delete your history, but you can’t lie to Sporcle. Play 15 quizzes between 1-2pm for this one.

Axis and Allies Badge IconDJ, Turn it Up!: On the website Sporcle I create and play, but I never do more than 1 Song quiz a day. 100 Song quiz plays, that’s the goal! The only way to become the Fresh Prince of Sporcle. Play 100 Song quizzes to earn this one.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

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Pearl does a variety of media-related tasks at Sporcle, including blog writing, video production, and social media maintenance. She does research on penguins, enjoys snail mucus in her skincare, and once turned herself Sporcle Orange from eating too many carrots.




  1. If you are looking for ideas for new badges, how about an advanced geography badge for playing 2500 games in that category. There are 2545 games on site, so plenty to chose from.

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