Sporcle’s Czechia Update of 2016


Which is it – Czech Republic or Czechia?

For a while now, the Czech Republic has been petitioning to have Czechia as their common name. The UN has accepted their proposal and has recently began updating their databases. CIA World Factbook has also changed the country’s name on their site. “Czechia” as the nation’s official shortened (and common name) was officially adopted in 2016.

So, we began the big Czechia update of 2016. We went through all our published quizzes (over 600 of them!) and changed Czech Republic to Czechia.

On quizzes that require you to enter the answer, Czech Republic is still accepted, but the displayed answer is Czechia. And for quizzes that involve historical events, we didn’t change the name, since the country was called Czech Republic (or Czechoslovakia) when the event happened.

If you’ve made quizzes, it’s time to Czech whether they need updating. And if you find any published quizzes that we missed during our big Czechia update, report them and we’ll take care of it.

If you want more details, this is the Sporcle group thread about the change. Comment there if you have any questions/comments.

Renaming Czechia

For those of you wondering, Czechia has had a history of trying to figure out its name, and Czechia has floated around as a potential name for a while. The English “Czechia” itself is derived from what the Polish would call those living in what is now Czechia. So the shortened “Czechia” has existed for some time now, dating back to even the Austro-Prussian War (mid 1850s). But through until the early 2000s, Czechia itself struggled to fins a unified shortened name, as politicians and the general public disagreed on how to shorten their nation’s name. Even the full name for Czechia has had some ups and downs, but that’s a story for another time.

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