Top Comments of the Week (06/03)

Top Comments of the Week From Dad Jokes to puns and all in between, Sporclers know how to make us laugh. Here are this week’s best examples:

1. Quiz: Who’s Offscreen?

Lemonshark: “Such a shame that Wilson never got any other movie roles. He was great in Cast Away. Probably would’ve gotten type-cast, though.”

2. Quiz: Find the Family Guy Characters

Nothingman79: “Leave it to a Family Guy quiz on Sporcle to make me find Jesus.”

3. Quiz: TV Fan Theories II

crouchingdomo: “I admit it, you got me to click “The Vampire Diaries” for the clue that had the word “vampire” in it. This is both because I don’t know jack about The Vampire Diaries, and because I firmly believe that Count von Count is innocent until proven guilty.

“NINE! Nine votes for acquittal! Ah ah ah!””

4. Quiz: ‘AC’ Words

Felonious_Monk: “I guess a parachute isn’t a necessity to skydive, unless, y’know, you think you might want to try it again someday.”

5. Quiz: Hogwarts Potions Exam

bhenderson79: “Photoshop is just like Hogwarts – it’s all about fiddling with the right settings for the Magic Wand tool.”