So You Want To Be a Curator…

Whether you’re looking for bigger ways to contribute to the Sporcle community, or just want to help bring attention to great new quizzes, you’ve decided that becoming a Curator is pretty much your destiny. A subcategory that you know a lot about has an opening, and you think you have what it takes to fill it.

To Apply You Will Need:

• Your username
• Links to five quizzes from your desired subcategory that you would select as curator picks
• Links to five quizzes from your desired subcategory that could be good, but would need edits of some kind

Email with the above information and your constructive feedback in the comments on these last five quizzes so the quiz creators know what they would need to do to improve their quiz.

We’ll review your submission and your comments and if they’re up to snuff, we’ll approve you as a curator. There are often multiple users applying for each open position, but even if we choose another Curator we’ll always email you back.

Pro Tip: When picking quizzes for your application, do not include any that have already been published to the Homepage. Your application will stand out even more if you also avoid quizzes that already have Editor/Curator Picks. Remember that the job of a curator is to highlight great quizzes that have not yet been noticed! 


  • Sporcle Groups is a great place to get in touch with other curators, editors and staff. The Category threads are also great for gauging specific interests in your subcategory.
  • The Curator Guide gives an overview on all the duties of a Curator along with some tips for how to make Curator Picks.
  • Milan is your go-to guy for all things Curator. Send him a direct message on Sporcle if you have any questions.

If you choose to apply for more than one Curator position, please send separate applications for each subcategory.