How to Use Playlists

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

Have you seen playlists on Sporcle but aren’t sure where to start? There are plenty of ways to jump into the world of playlists, and the instructions below will help you do it.

Creating a Playlist

Under the ‘Create’ tab, ‘Playlist Dashboard‘ has been added to the drop-down menu. If you’ve never made a playlist before, your Playlist Dashboard will be empty. Click ‘Create your first Playlist’ to start the magic. Once you enter a name and description for your playlist, the playlist creation screen will appear:

playlist better copy

Editing the Title and Description

Your new playlist’s name and description will appear at the Globe 1 marker. You can use the two ‘Edit’ buttons to alter the title and description of your playlist. To the right, there is also the option to delete your playlist entirely. Once a playlist is deleted you can’t access it again, so be careful!

Viewing Playlist Details

The Globe 2 marker shows the main specs of the playlist. This area shows you how many quizzes are on your playlist and its total playtime. Since up to 50 quizzes can be added to a playlist, this tool is useful in sensing how long it would take to play through the entire list. Other users can interact with your playlist, and are able to like their favorite playlists. If your playlist has been liked by other users, those likes will also appear in the specs area.

Moving and Deleting Quizzes

The Globe 3 marker is where all of your quizzes show up. It provides a quick overview of each quiz, which can help you assure you’ve added the right one. If you want to delete a particular quiz from your playlist, hovering over its row will reveal a trash bin icon at the right. Click that button to remove the quiz from your playlist. If you want to change the order of your quizzes, you can click the row you wish to move, drag it to the location you want it, and then drop it there.

Adding Quizzes

The Globe 4 marker is where quizzes can be added to your playlist. To add a quiz, simply start typing the name of the quiz in the box. As you type, recommended quizzes will appear in a drop-down menu. If you’re not sure which suggestion is the quiz you have in mind, you can add it to the playlist and then check the quiz stats to make sure it’s the one you wanted.

Saving Your Playlist

The Globe 5 marker shows the most important feature of all–the save button. If you’ve ever experienced losing hours of essay-writing to a document crash, you know that saving frequently is the key to fewer tears. None of your changes will be live until you click the ‘Save Playlist’ button, so you don’t need to worry about editing while other users are interacting with your playlist.

Accessing Others’ Playlists

To access the playlists of others, simply go to their profile pages. There is now a ‘Playlist’ tab between ‘Badges’ and ‘Published Quizzes’:

matt playlists

When you click on another Sporcler’s playlist, a page similar to the playlist creation form will appear. It will give you an overview of all the quizzes in the playlist, and will show your current stats if you’ve played the quiz before. From here, it’s easy to play through the playlist. If you enjoy it, there is a like button up by the playtime and quiz number stats.

Quiz Playlists

Some quiz pages have related playlists linked on them. Countries of the World is a good example of this:

quiz playlist

If you play a quiz with a linked playlist, all of the playlist’s quizzes will show up beneath the quiz. This is a great way to explore similar quizzes if you find one that you like. For some harder quizzes like Countries of the World, the related quizzes can be good practice material for the one you’re on. Looking for the playlist view is a great way to find the type of content you’re interested in, so play around with some other quizzes when you see them down there!

With that, you’re set to delve into the world of playlists. Make your own, play through the great ones other users have already made, or just explore quizzes that are similar to your favorites.

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