Top Comments of the Week (04/01)

Top Comments of the Week

From Dad Jokes to puns and all in between, Sporclers know how to make us laugh.

Here are this week’s best examples:

1. Quiz: 20 Country Snapshot II

EzrianBashirax: “Oman, I was hoping Iran to the comments section to post something witty and entertaining before some Turkey ruined it with the old Palestine argument, but I see Egypt me out of that privilege. I don’t know what goes through the Bahrains of these people, but Israeli getting old.”

2. Quiz: Sesame Street Characters

Eskimoed: “Can no one else see Snuffleupagus?”

3. Quiz: Four Artist Song Sort

LisaSimpsonOH: “The mental image of Jay-Z performing “It’s a Hard-Knock Life” from “Annie” makes this quiz about 4 acts I know nothing about totally worth it.”

4. Quiz: Batman Villain Match-Up

Cooldude9000: “Man-Man was bitten by a radioactive man and gained all the powers of a man.”

5. Quiz: Animal Cakes

Esme: “BRB, gotta go draw that cow like one of my French girls.”