New Badges: Listen Up!, Cinco de Mayo, and Late Nite


Abbreviations like ‘Nite’ aren’t really saving you many letters in the long run – it’s all  about style.

Listen Up Badge IconListen Up!: There’s always that one friend that skips a song or changes the radio station every ten seconds when they’ve got control over the music. They’ve really been preparing you for this badge. Earn this one by playing 25 Clip quizzes.

Cinco de Mayo Badge IconCinco de Mayo: Holidays that are named after their own date are so convenient; they’re basically impossible to forget. On May 5, earn 50% or more on Mexican Food, Beers of Mexico, and Cinco de Mayo to earn this badge.

Late Nite Badge IconLate Nite: Why count sheep when you can just tire your brain out with Sporcle quizzes? Play 15 quizzes between 10:00pm and midnight in one day to earn this badge. Plus, if you have that “taking a test” nightmare, you’ll actually nail it.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.