New Badges: Lucky Number 7, Swallowed the Dictionary, and Loose Change

This week, learn sesquipedalian expression options for every colloquy and repartee.

Lucky Number 7: Your lucky number can say a lot; 7 is for those who like the classics. It’s also fit for dad joke connoisseurs, Harry Potter fans, gamblers, and now Sporclers! Play 25 7 Minute quizzes in 1 day to earn this badge.

Swallowed the Dictionary: When you’re cramming for a test, it may become tempting to take “you are what you eat” at face value. We suggest earning this badge instead. Get this one by playing 100 Vocabulary quizzes.

Loose Change: It’s odd that the usual interpretation of a “pool of money” involves coins. It’d be much easier to dive into paper. Get 50% or more on People on US Currency, World Currency Match, and Euro Replaced Currencies for this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.