New Badges: Gangsta’s Paradise, When in 2010, and Not Like the Others

Some of the rappers you’ll see this week have a Shakespeare-sized vocabulary already.

Gangsta's Paradise Badge IconGangsta’s Paradise: Pop in a mixtape and earn this badge by getting 50% or more on Rappers By Birth Name, Rap Music Artists Slideshow, and Rap Lyrics in More Scholarly Language.

When In 2010 Badge IconWhen in 2010: 2010 was the beginning of the end for those year-themed New Years glasses. You can still try with the two-thousand-teens, but it’s just not the same. Play 100 quizzes created in 2010 to earn this badge.

Not Like The Others Bagde IconNot Like the Others: We’re hoping we don’t have to update these quizzes too often… but who knows with presidents anymore? To earn this badge, get 100% on Anything but ElementsAnyone but US Presidents, and Anything but Europe.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.